Pasay Jersey Polo Shirt Navy Review

Upon the start of my interest in local products, I noticed that classic menswear is not as popular as its counterpart in footwear and bags. Those in traditional materials like leather or canvas have established, albeit struggling industry in places like Marikina and Bulacan.

Some great shoes and bags that are made in the Philippines.
Photo by Karah

I don’t think it’s lack of skills because there are many suits and barong tailoring shops that are usually for wedding. This is also not the case when it comes to women’s as there are a lot of small but awesome brands I see online and in malls.

In terms of everyday classic menswear like tee-shirt, polo, button-downs, chinos and jeans, I have hard time finding local. It is currently being dominated by imported brands like Uniqlo, Old Navy or Levis. There are fast fashions like Zara or H&M. The closest are local brands like Bench, Penshoppe and upcoming like Straightforward. Those caters more towards younger demographic though.

Now that I’ve established the current situation of classic menswear scene here, imagine my joy when I saw a good local polo “Pasay Jersey Polo” while strolling at a high-end mall, Rustan’s, of all places. They had the “U My Philippines” collections. These are clothing items that are made from different regions of the Philippines. It has awesome shirts, outerwear, trouser and shorts. All fits the classic menswear style I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately, due to lack of sizing I was able to only purchase the polo in navy which we’ll do a review now!

Photo by Karah
Photo by Karah
Photo by Karah

Overall, Pasay Jesey Polo is pretty simple but with subtle details that makes it great. To start of on the basic, it has a neutral color in navy blue which is one of the best color in polo along with light grey, white and light blue. To be honest, I prefer my tops to be lighter in color than my pants. There are only two choices for colors though and the other one is red, so I went with navy. It is great to pair with brown chino pants in medium to lighter shades like beige or olive.

I find navy and other darker colors in shirt to have the advantage of hiding sweat better than lighter colored ones except for white itself. That is certainly a good feature for hot climate like we have here in the Philippines.

Wearing polo while walking in the park.

The material is 100% cotton jersey instead of the more common polo knit, pique. While not necessary, I appreciate when my cloth has unique details. Pique is what you usually think of when it comes to polo, from Uniqlo to Lacoste. Piques are textured compared to jerseys. There are different opinions on which is more formal but I would say they are the same.

The material is noticeably thicker but it does not mean that it’s hot to wear. The material is the main determinant on how hot or cool a clothing would be. That is the reason I prefer 100% cotton than polyester-based. If anything, thicker cotton clothes is helpful in warm climate as it also helps hide sweat.

Another important detail of polo is the collar. Pasay Jersey Polo’s collar has the same material as the body. Typically, polo have ribbed collar which are different from the rest. Again, I don’t mind having the more common ribbed collar, but it’s great having something unusual. I think it would have look better if they incorporate more vintage details like deep placket and long collar.

An example of a pique cloth with ribbed collar. These are the common polo characteristics.
Photo by Karah
Jersey cloth of Pasay polo.
Photo by Karah

The fit is great for me which is a little loose for a more relax casual vibe. The length is short enough if you want to wear it tuck-out but I always tuck-in my polo anyway for a smarter look. The sleeve has some space but it speaks more to my thin arms. I still liked it though as it ads to the relax look I’m going for.

Pasay Jesey Polo is priced at 1,650 pesos which is more compared to the popular polo in Uniqlo. The additional price is worth it though for the cool details I mentioned. I think in terms of quality and craftsmanship, it is closer in level of Lacoste which usually costs at more than 4,000 pesos. So in that regards, I think this is a good value for money. Not to mention you are helping local clothing industry. I really hope this kind of collections would happen more.

Thank you for reading and please support Philippine brands 🙂

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