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A Question Of Heroes By Nick Joaquin – Book Review and Reflection

Most students, myself included, learned their history in black and white lens. The Spanish Empire were the bad guys while our heroes are infallible. As we became older, we realize that history, like everything else in life, is more complex. Here I find myself in thirst of literature that presents history with maturity and critical […]

Pasay Jersey Polo Shirt Navy Review

Upon the start of my interest in local products, I noticed that classic menswear is not as popular as its counterpart in footwear and bags. Those in traditional materials like leather or canvas have established, albeit struggling industry in places like Marikina and Bulacan. I don’t think it’s lack of skills because there are many […]

Marquina Shoemaker Armas Chukka Boots Review

Similar to bags as I described in my previous article, I started paying attention to my shoes once I started working and had to pay for them myself. It was simple, the cheaper the better. But those cheaper shoes tore down in just a few months. I realize however that replacing shoes are worse than […]